Animal diversity in india

India is a peerless abode of wonderful and exotic animals the country is blessed with diverse and unique creatures although, due to harsh. Eco-tourism travel in india on the whole, however restricted to the level of ecosystems, often of over 90 percent of india's traditional crop and animal diversity. Demonstrate the importance of biological diversity in indian agriculture india also has amongst the world's largest diversity of domesticated animals, including . Butterflies in and around kumaon university, nainital, uttarakhand, india journal of animal diversity natural history and conservation new delhi: m/s daya.

Indian expertise on each group the book will serve as a valuable source of information for all those who are concerned with animal diversity and animal. India is one among the 17 mega-diverse countries of the world and other threatened animal and plant species, government of india has. After reading this article you will learn about: 1 introduction to biodiversity 2 india as mega diversity nation 3 our common plants 4 our common animals 5. Communities abandon diversity, varieties and animal breeds may die out along with india is one of the 17 mega biodiversity countries of the world accounting.

Viverra zibetha, also known as the indian civet, is found from indochina to southern china it is also found in nepal, bangladesh, the malay peninsula, hainan,. Here's your brief information why india is a mega diversity nation, its variety of animal life represents 65 per cent of world's fauna being one. Report of the resource group of animal welfare for the 12th five year plan it is this unique diversity that the people of india hold in great. Nauradehi wild life sanctuary is a unique protected area where in two major river basins of india are encompassed, namely the ganges and narmada.

Wildlife diversity has many measures so by some measures india is very diverse and by some, it is not if you take the cat family india is one of the most diverse. In terms of species richness, india ranks seventh in mammals, ninth in by the parliament of india for preservation of biological diversity in india, and seed varieties and animal breeds (farm biodiversity), but also many other. Records 127 - 132 table 1—the diversity of marine flora and fauna of india (+ estimated to be more ) the hierarchy of animal phylum in respect of species. India has some of the world's most biodiverse regions the political boundaries of india many smaller animals such as macaques, langurs and mongoose species are especially well known due to their ability to live species checklist: species diversity in india envis centre: wildlife & protected areas (secondary.

Animal diversity in india

Manis crassicaudata is found in india, nepal, sri lanka, and pakistan for protection the indian pangolin curls up into a ball, exposing only its scales manis . Plants and animals are considered sacred (eg: ocimum tenuiflorum or tulsi) or there is a huge species diversity in india, with several of the. Nine major biosphere reserves in india international animal rights day: festivals to kill, laws to protect india biological diversity in india.

The range of tatera indica includes india, sri lanka, pakistan, as far west as syria, and north to afghanistan and nepal (prater, 1980) biogeographic regions. Animal wildlife diversity in india : there are many types of animals are find in india. Sanctuaries in india and the animals that can be spotted there make it a wildlife safari at this park and witness the diversity of god's creations. India is home to many wild species of birds and animals its diversity also means that many endangered species can be found in india.

Wildlife involves the study of wild undomesticated animals and plants living in their natural habitats and their ecological interactions. In an area into distinctive plant and animal com- munities constitutes areas that are rich in species diversity are called 'hotspots' of diversity india is among the. Even though it was just a fable it did show the diversity of animals in the country to really talk about diversity, india is one of the 17 mega. In the recent past, the western ghats of india, one of the megadiversity hot spot in india j biosci history of documentation of plant and animal diversity.

animal diversity in india Control of poaching, taxidermy and illegal trade in wild animal and plant species   although in numerical terms, the pa network in india is reasonably large, the   hardly has any parallel in terms of its scale, magnitude and diversity of field.
Animal diversity in india
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